Subway needs to stop using hashtags

A commercial where a guy uses hashtags to describe his sandwich at Subway. What a terrifically horrible concept. For some reason Subway chose to advertise their Tuscan Chicken Melt by having a guy ramble on about all of his very clever hashtags while his friend eats his sandwich. This is supposed to make you want to eat at Subway, ladies and gentlemen. 

Hashtags have their place in social media and can be extremely useful, but one place they should never pop up is inside a verbal conversation.

Where have we seen this before? Oh, yes. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake actually made fun of these types of people in a rather funny video. Subway appears to be trying the same thing, but instead they come up empty in the humor department. It's as if we're presented with two examples of the same concept: One that works and one that doesn't. 

If we understand this commercial correctly, Subway is poking fun at the man who uses hashtags so much that he loses his lunch. They then go on to promote their sandwich with #GetYourOwn. So, you demonstrate how annoying hashtags can be - especially when used verbally - and then go on and do the exact same thing. #Dumb. 

David Rogers

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