Arby’s has Pepsi!

Arby’s has an agreement with Pepsi to mention the soft drink company in two commercials a year. Apparently they forgot (oops) and wanted to make amends by dedicating an entire 30-second spot to Pepsi. The result is possibly the best commercial Arby’s has ever made.

We’re not sure of the exact details of the contract between Pepsi and Arby’s, so we’re not sure how genuine this all is. We’d like to give Arby’s the benefit of the doubt because 1) they don’t even mention their own products by name and 2) we’ve seen what happens when they intentionally try to create a fun commercial - it’s not pretty.

If only more fast food commercials were both this meta and entertaining. Arby’s is poking fun at itself and their blunt approach really works. The chain has Pepsi. Not much more needs to be said and Arby’s elects to not say anything else.

Pepsi should be pretty happy with the spot they ended up receiving as it’s the best effort from Arby’s - or any fast food chain for that matter - which we’ve seen in quite some time.

David Rogers

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