Super Bowl Commercial Hall of Fame

Since people watch the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as they do the game and halftime show, we decided to come up with a Super Bowl Commercial Hall of Fame. What are the best of the best commercials that have aired during football’s biggest night?

So below, we present the 20 that made our Hall of Fame - ranking would be too hard and arbitrary, so we’re calling it the HOF and leaving it at that.

Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments!

Google - Parisian Love (2010): Google somehow made watching a relationship progress via an internet search relatable.

Bud Light - Cedric Date (2002): Better him than me! (And by better him than me, I mean of course thoroughly embarrassing myself on a date, though I wouldn’t want to be the girl either)

Snickers - Betty White (2010): Our favorite Golden Girl trash talking with a bunch of dudes. This commercial, if you will recall, ultimately led to White hosting Saturday Night Live later that year.

Bridgestone - Reply All (2011): Never thought selling tires could be this amusing, but Bridgestone nailed it.

Apple - 1984 (1984): One of the most famous and groundbreaking ads of ALL TIME.

E-Trade - Baby II (2008): The E-Trade baby has been going strong for a while now. - When I Grow Up (1999): This was a powerful ad. It’s one thing to hate your job, but no one grows up with that goal in life. This point of view gives us a powerful perspective.

McDonald’s - Showdown (1993): Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan is great, it’s just too bad they’re competing for McDonald’s shittiest menu item outside the McRib.

Pepsi - Cindy Crawford (1992): Another classic that needs no introduction.

M&M’s - Sexy & I Know It (2012): M&M’s can be hit or miss with these commercials, and this one was very much a hit. Kind of like the Santa one they’ve aired during the holidays since 1996 (or something) without ever changing it, because why would they ever need to?

Reebok - Terry Tate (2003): The Office Space references are gold.

EDS - Cat Herders (2000): EDS doesn’t even exist anymore (HP bought them), but this commercial stood out from start to finish and underscored that you can get your point across in a unique way.

Budweiser - Frogs (1995): I bet if I just randomly walked down the street yelling FROG at people, they’d yell back BUDWEISER. Hmmm, maybe I should try that this weekend. (Or not) - Monkey Business (2006):  Are you surrounded by people who don’t care about the job they’re supposed to be doing? Lucky for you, there are options! Don’t put up with the monkey business any longer than you have to!

Diet Pepsi - Ray Charles (1991): You can’t knock the musical stylings of Ray Charles.

Volkswagen - The Force (2011): Cutest Darth Vader ever.

Coke - Mean Joe Green (1979): Coke makes mean people nice!

Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010): This was a risky move but really funny and paid off nicely.

Budweiser - Instant Replay (2003): With us bitching about refs now more than ever, this commercial had to make the cut.

Pepsi - Your Cheatin’ Heart (1996): Is there anything sadder than the dejected look on this dude’s face when he just has to walk away? I hope he goes to the nearest bar for a rum & Pepsi.

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