Commercial for Pawnography is probably as dumb as the show

Remember when the History Channel actually had programming about history? Your answer will vary depending on your age, but the channel has all but abandoned programming with any sort of educational value for quite some time. The closest thing to historic discussions may be on Pawn Stars when they’re analyzing (Hold on, I’ve got a guy that’s an expert on that) a given item. Even that line of thinking is a stretch.

Now comes a new show: Pawnography. The show with the somewhat clever title looks like it’s ripping off a bunch of other shows (Win Ben Stein’s Money for instance) while trying to desperately play off the success of Pawn Stars. Odds are you’ll love this show if you like Pawn Stars, but if you feel it’s just another scripted, pointless reality show then you may roll your eyes at this one.

So, this is what Christopher Titus is up to these days, huh? Interesting.

You may say we’re overreacting to this ad and we might be, but this is more a cry against horrible programming and the saturation of crap which is on History Channel. It’s also a cry against people who completely buy into a show like this, or Pawn Stars, which is so clearly staged that it’s painful.

David Rogers

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