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Ten Super Bowl commercials already unveiled

Many people look forward to the Super Bowl not because of the game but because of the commercials. These spots cost big money and a growing trend is companies releasing their commercials early in hopes of getting some extra bang for their buck.

Personally, I’m not a fan of companies releasing the ads early as the unveil during the big game is what makes them special but I can understand why they do it. We live in a time in which people want everything yesterday. Taking away the unveil will take some luster away from the festivities but hopefully some ads that haven’t been leaked will capture our imagination…

As we head into the Super Bowl, let’s take a look at some Super Bowl commercials that have already been released as well as a couple of teasers….

Mercedes Benz


Victoria’s Secret

Bud Light


Purina Friskies

Nationwide Insurance


Instead of giving away the surprise, some companies have opted for a more movie trailer type gameplan by getting a “teaser” out and wetting your appetite instead of giving it all away for free before the big game. I far prefer this than having the companies release their entire ad online. Sometimes giving away a slice instead of the whole pie is the way to go….

Skittles (Teaser)

Snickers (Teaser)

What was your favorite? The Bud Light commercial is fantastic and I really like the BMW commercial but now that we’ve already seen them, the Snickers and Skittles teasers have definitely wet my appetite to see those full blown ads as well as what the rest of the companies have to offer on Super Bowl Sunday.

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