Dockers calls on Jim and Sarah Harbaugh to end Dad Pants

Dad Pants. The term may be an unfamiliar one to you at first, but once you hear the explanation (shapeless pants on your Dad which look like curtains hung from your belt) you’ll know exactly how horrific Dad Pants are to families.

Sarah Harbaugh, wife of Jim Harbaugh, teamed up with Dockers to put an end to Dad Pants.

This is outstanding stuff. It’s a perfect parody of the countless ads out there trying to rally viewers to support one cause or another. Dockers succeeds not only in capturing the exact style and tone of the ads its mocking, but they’ve also come up with a brilliant term for unflattering pants - Dad Pants. Thrown in some really sharp and clever dialogue, and you have an ad which viewers are buzzing over.

The ad is so good that the contest teased near the end of the spot is easily forgotten. That may sounds like a bad thing, but really it just speaks to how strong the rest of the message is and how it doesn’t need to fall back on its promotion. From an advertising perspective, it’s pretty entertaining watching Dockers carefully dance around the topics they can’t mention in the ad, such as the NFL and the 49ers.

Give credit to the Harbaughs. Jim is a good sport for letting Dockers poke fun at his fashion while Sarah delivers her lines better than most actresses.

David Rogers

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