Super Bowl ad from AAA is a cinematic masterpiece

Written by David Rogers on .

Most of the ads we discuss here have pretty basic production values. Some commercials seem slapped together while others fit the generic mold of TV advertising. Once in a great while an ad will come along which will blow everything else out of the water when it comes to the production and quality of the shot. 

AAA's Super Bowl ad which will air in selected markets is an amazing cinematic adventure. The viewer is taken on a journey through one family's life in a beautiful and moving ad which may exceed most movies in terms of pure quality. 

Despite the incredible effects and editing, the overall message here isn't overshadowed. This is a rare instance where the effects actually enhance the message and help drive the point home. We learn about all of the services AAA provides in a setting which is relatable and heartwarming.

Mark this one down as an early favorite for best ad of the Super Bowl. 


@awful_ads yeah it's okay... Here they are called Automobile Club of Southern California. This family in ad looks like it lives there...

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