Budweiser Super Bowl ad is going for maximum cute

Written by Laura Astorian on .

I will make a disclaimer before writing this: I am from St. Louis. My next disclaimer is that I honestly don't drink Bud, unless it's hot outside and the beer is really cold. Despite the latter and probably because of the former, I find Budweiser's Super Bowl advertisements to be traditionally the cream of the crop. Last year's featured a homesick Clydesdale, and made all of America cry. This year's will make all of America go "awwwww."

You see, the masterful cuteness of the Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy plays off of the stoicism of the majestic Clydesdale for the maximum amount of "awwwwww" as humanly possible. Or "squeeee." Your response may vary. The puppy/Clydesdale combination is very effective, though, and I'll go out on a limb with the assumption that despite all of the brash and "funny" new ads, this will be the one everyone is talking about this year. Just like last year when everyone was talking about the heartstrings that were tugged by the homesickness ad.

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