FIAT is trying way too hard to appeal to the Internet

FIAT is the parent who discovers memes and GIFs on the Internet years after they were popular. Said parent then shows you these clips, repeatedly, with the hopes of trying to fit in. The only difference here is that the people behind these FIAT ads are actually getting paid to produce this crap.

Look at the name of this ad: FIAT 500 Endless Fun GIF Tumblr Commercial. Awful. It’s 30 seconds of uncomfortable, cringe-worthy mentions to various pieces of Internet humor. The problem is that this online humor is usually terrible outside of the Internet and it’s pretty uncomfortable when a company desperately tries to latch on to a joke well after the joke has passed.

FIAT isn’t the first company to commit this offense, but it doesn’t make their effort any less pathetic. We can’t even count all of the memes and GIFs pointed out here, but we can count one horrible commercial from FIAT.

David Rogers

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