GEICO uses Pig Latin in a Maxwell commercial

It finally happened. GEICO used Pig Latin in a Maxwell the Pig commercial. The connection, one which was pretty inevitable, comes in an ad where Maxwell is eating at a diner and is forced to deal with two adoring fans.

We are all represented by the diner employee who is forced to stand there and listen to Maxwell drone on about all of his app’s great features. Meanwhile, Maxwell seems a little irritated when two fans try to sneak a picture of the GEICO mascot while conversing in Pig Latin. Oh the irony. He’s sick of the attention while all of us are sick of him talking about his employer.

There’s also the amazingly pointless use of Pig Latin. The joke is so ridiculously transparent and expected that it never needed to be made in the first place. It’s even worse that GEICO uses it in their slogan at the conclusion of the ad.

How is this campaign still running? Surely the use of Pig Latin means that GEICO has officially ran out of ideas for their hoofed mascot. Realistically, how much more can GEICO hope to get out of the Maxwell campaign? We’ll admit that the first ad was pretty solid, but the sequels - and there’s a lot of them - are all painful to watch and lack any form of creativity and humor.

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