Progressive’s hand puppet is a new form of crazy

If we were to tell you that Progressive rolled out an ad without Flo, most of our readers would be pretty pleased. Well, the company did just that, but unfortunately their latest creation is just the latest insult to the world of marketing and advertising. While there’s no Flo, there is the Flo hand puppet which we think is just as bad, if not worse.

Prepare to lose some brain cells.

You have to feel sorry for this husband. As we watch and learn about shopping around for insurance, he’s just now discovering his wife is slipping into some form of insanity. Can you imagine walking in on this scene and finding out your significant other is doing voices with a hand puppet which looks like Flo? Welcome to crazy town.

Then there’s the fact this is an advertisement for a major company. This idea - the hand puppet concept - was passed around a room and everyone agreed that this was a good idea. Even after production started and the concept itself came to life from just an idea on paper, no one intervened. That fact and the ones above may be more crazy than the woman with the hand puppet.


David Rogers

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