South Park mocks alcohol commercials

Do you find it silly when a commercial for beer or some form of alcohol comes on and it shows a wild night and unbelievable situations only to end with a “Please Drink Responsibly” disclaimer? It’s as if you’re supposed to ignore the crazy, loud scene you just watched and tone it down a notch.

It turns out the brilliant minds at South Park had a similar idea. Presenting the quintessential alcohol ad.

It’s frightening how accurate this is. Loud noises, intense sexual imagery and commands to pound those drinks! That pretty much describes 99% of the alcohol ads you’ve ever seen. There are a few companies who have decided to slow things down and try to make things a bit more sophisticated, but the majority of ads are basically a less satirical version of what you see above.

Friends! Fun! Drink! Hot Girls! You’re Hot! Drink More!

Bonus points for the lines regarding the fashion in alcohol spots. Seriously, why is everyone always in a suit? If you’ve ever walked into a real life bar in a suit, you’d probably be the most overdressed in the building.

Let’s give credit to South Park too. It’s crazy that they are on Season 18 (!) and still churning out relative, hilarious content which mocks every industry and group under the sun.

David Rogers

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