The painful red couch song from McDonald’s

The random red couch commercial from McDonald’s is horrible. Specifically, the song about the random red couch and the Dollar Menu is one that’s excruciatingly painful to hear.

If you’ve been spared from this commercial to date, here’s what you’re missing:

Just awful. If you’re an advertiser thinking of trying to use a witty song in a commercial, don’t. There’s usually only two scenarios which unfold: 1) Your song is awful and we immediately hate it or 2) Your song is decent and we eventually hate it after hearing it 50+ times for the next six months. The best sing-songy advertisement is no sing-songy advertisement.

Let’s talk about this commercial. Here’s a short list of what’s wrong:
1. Where is this couch and why are people sitting on it?
2. Don’t ask you how? Oh we’re asking, commercial.
3. “Pull up a seat.” You provided a couch so…no need.
4. Seriously, mention the couch again and we’ll burn it to the ground.
5. Wait, why are we even talking about this couch? Are you trying to show a slice of life where a guy brings McDonald’s over and his friends dig in, happily ever after? If so, why not show that?

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