This Herbal Essences “Be Everyone You Are” ad makes no sense

Herbal Essences has a colorful history when it comes to advertising. We all remember their orgasmic commercials from back in the day which they resurrected not too long ago. Now they’ve moved in a bizarre, nonsensical direction which doesn’t do the brand any favors.

So … use Herbal Essences and you’ll travel through time and be whichever dramatic female character you wish. That makes sense. There’s no explanation telling us how or why you’ll become a princess or warrior because of the shampoo you use, but we’re supposed to make some sort of connection.

This ad doesn’t make sense. At least the orgasmic ads of old at least had some sort of explanation, even though it was a ridiculous one. Here we’re left viewing in wonder, asking what the hell is going on and how this is supposed to make anyone want to buy shampoo and conditioner. We’re all for trying new concepts and new ideas, but how did this idea make it through so many filters and ultimately end up on TV?

You could also go down the treacherous road claiming that this ad doesn’t go women any favors and in fact stereotypes them in a negative light, but we’re not going to turn this into an essay.

David Rogers

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