Walmart deploys Holiday ads with Melissa Joan Hart and Anthony Anderson

It’s that time of the year. Stores have already rolled out their Holiday products and now it’s time for Holiday ads to litter the airwaves. Walmart is the latest major brand to push out their ads for the Holiday season and if these are any indication, we’re in for a long couple months.

It looks like the theme this year is some sort of mock TV program called the Walmart Holiday Hub, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Anthony Anderson.

The first ad sets up the premise and prepares the viewer for the months of torture ahead.

And another, featuring some uninspiring dialogue. The overacting is nearly palpable.

This may be a mean generalization and perhaps a stereotype, but does anyone really think Melissa Joan Hart is that passionate about an Xbox One? Probably not. Oh, and talk about big spenders. She’s just casually giving away expensive TVs for the Holidays as if they were socks.

Groan. Cheesy and lame just starts to scratch the surface in terms of describing these ads. The worst part is that this is clearly the start of what’s going to be a long, tiresome series which lasts through the bitter end of the Holidays.

Get your mute button ready.


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