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Adobe Marketing Cloud hits close to home at Awful Ads

As a member of the Internet, I understand that page views, clicks, and ‘likes’ are what fuel web-based advertising sales, however I don’t think about it often. For those whose full time job is creating content and running a website, getting those clicks and such can keep them awake at night.

Here at Bloguin, we can attest that these shady operations that promise clicks and likes are out there and preying on young websites trying to create a presence on the web. The situation presented in the ad is a good representation of what’s really in the dark alley-ways of the internet.

Adobe Marketing Cloud has created a stellar ad that nails their target market. Those who have thought about paying for sketchy marketing are the ideal clients for Adobe. It makes sense that this ad is so good because, as a marketing service, the best way to get new clients is be good at marketing your own company.

Along with the “Holding Cell” ad above, Adobe has put out many ads with the focus being “Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing?” A few of them are very funny.

An internet fad fades quickly in this funny ad. It reminded me of this ridiculous video put out by Delta that could only have been approved by someone in 2010. You don’t want to be behind the curve like someone who’s still using Woo Woo.

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