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Bacon, bacon and more bacon in Taco Bell’s latest ad

Everybody loves bacon apparently, according to the Internet and this Taco Bell commercial for their bacon club chalupa.

Personally, I think bacon is overrated, which is apparently a very unpopular opinion.

Anyways, in the ad a man goes up a mall escalator and notices that everything around him has been baconized. Bacon Couture, bacon sunglasses, bacon shoe ads, bacon tattoos, bacon cologne etc etc etc. The whole point leads up to the tagline “Bacon you can’t eat is bacon you don’t need.”

Check out the spot for yourself.

The use of the cover of Tears for Fears’ ‘Mad World’ is supposed to carry a humorous vibe, as everybody is bacon crazy, but it’s not the most effective use of the song I’ve seen in an advertisement. That honor belongs to perhaps the most popular video game spot ever made for Gears of War, which used Gary Jules cover. That version of the song may be better than the original, and when you factor in the the weight of the words mixed with war, it makes a jaw-dropping ad.

When this spot features the same song, it seems sort of gimmicky. I don’t think it adds anything, aside from people wanting to listen to the song. For those interested, this cover is done by American indie pop singer Halsey.

All-in-all a lukewarm addition to Taco Bells commercial catalogue. Perhaps if was more wacky, it would have been more enjoyable. File this under unspectacular.

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