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Bayer’s ad makes heart attacks somehow more depressing

Bayer has a difficult task of selling heart attack prevention medicine. To advertise, you have to bring up heart attacks and that can be depressing and not conducive to selling a product. There are nuanced and creative ways they could go about this, or they could shove it in our faces in a tactless way.  You be the judge.

Ok, now I’ll be the judge. It’s depressing and awful. It may get the point across that preventive action for heart attacks should be taken, but having the first image be a woman opening up a nice note only to discover it’s her impending heart attack is just mean. Would you even want to know your heart attack was coming? Just finding out that information would put me in cardiac arrest. Bayer, take a step back and think of a more caring approach to a serious subject, because you’re really bumming me out.

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“Wow, this information is depressing”

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