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Multiple Nick Lacheys star in confusing Twix ad

It’s weird to think about, but at one point in time Nick Lachey was one of the biggest stars in the world. He was the breakout star of 90’s boy band 98 Degrees, spurning out hits like Because of You and The Hardest Thing. After his music career slowly faded away, he became one of the first big reality stars, starring with his then-wife singer Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Those were the highlights of Nick Lachey’s career.

Since then, he’s hosted some game shows, put out some solo music (including the hilariously title SoulO) and done some occasional acting.  He’s certainly an afterthought compared to what he once was, but I wouldn’t go as far and say he’s washed up because he still does get work, for example, starring in Peanut Butter Twix’s latest advertisement Nick Lachey vs Nick Lachey.

The spot has Nick Lachey telling you to eat the new brand of Twix, immediately followed by another Nick Lachey saying the previous Nick Lachey will “endorse anything for the right money,” as he advertises Twix, which is promptly followed by another Nick Lachey calling the Nick Lachey before him a sellout as he endorses Twix. Confusing enough? Here’s the spots official description.

When Nick Lachey tells you he loves rich and creamy peanut butter and then another Nick Lachey tells you not to trust that Nick Lachey and that he loves smooth and velvety peanut butter, there’s only one person you can trust. A third Nick Lachey. #LeftTWIX

The meta ad borrows from the wildly popular Old Spice commercials, going for a random scenery to scenery vibe which doesn’t necessarily work in this case. The thing which made those Old Spice ads so successful is we didn’t know where they were going. This spot is just confusing and unfunny. Nick Lachey gives it his all here, yet it doesn’t land like it should. I don’t want to buy a Twix, nor do I want to watch another commercial. Consider this one a dud.

Liam McGuire

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