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Pampers films babies soiling themselves in new ad and it’s hilarious

This might be the funniest ad I’ve ever seen.

Pampers decided it would be a good idea (it was) to film babies ‘poofaces’ aka their reactions of when they soil themselves, and did so in glorious 400 FPS. Throw in possibly the greatest use of music from the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey outside the film over the whole thing and holy crap, this is hilarious.

What makes this spot so great, is you know the whole time what’s coming and it’s still amazing. While the subject material may be considered juvenile, it’s certainly a great way to advertise how essential Pampers are in the day-to-day life of having a baby.

While you may think poop humor may not be well received, the spot has received acclaim. From the YouTube ad.

Although the ad, directed by Olly Blackburn via Great Guns, does not officially break until July 7, it has already been greeted with acclaim, winning a bronze film Lion in the Toiletries, Cosmetics & Beauty category, a Silver Film Craft Lion for casting and a Bronze Film Craft Lion at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

I can totally see people digging this. I’ve already re-watched it multiple times and I’m howling like a hyena with each new viewing. That may make me immature, but there’s something about the pairing of the music with the subject material that’s just perfect.

The ad could have totally failed, and come across creepy and weird, and fortunately for Pampers it didn’t. It’s fun, hilarious and real. Well done.

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