Richard Sherman stars in hilarious Jurassic World promo

Sometimes promo videos combine two subjects that shouldn’t mix well together, yet totally work. Case in point, this new promo for Jurassic World by ESPN took previously seen trailer footage for the film, and put in Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. The results are pretty hilarious.

Watch Sherman entering Jurassic Park.

This is a lot of fun and honestly, pretty well done. These superimposed promos can be tiring, but this one is legit and makes for an entertaining 30 seconds.

Sherman is a polarizing figure. He knows he’s a great football player and makes no effort to hide it. But honestly, why should he? He’s got the stats and the a Super Bowl ring to backup all the smack talk. One of the most memorable athlete interviews in recent memory featured Sherman having none of First Take host Skip Bayless’ nonsense. While he’s dominant off the field, his off field personality is almost equally entertaining.

Star Chris Pratt seems to be impressed with Sherman’s acting ability.

Jurassic World meanwhile has been getting some solid buzz. The film is fresh on Rotten Tomaotes with a 71% rating and is expected to obliterate it’s box office competition this weekend. The fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series stars Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and is directed by Colin Trevorrow - unfortunately Sherman doesn’t actually appear as one of the terrified kids, although I’d totally watch that.

Liam McGuire

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