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Columbus Day Classic: The Mattress Depot sale

I have to admit, unearthing this Columbus Day Classic on YouTube was inspired by John Oliver’s recent video asking “Why is Columbus Day still a thing?”  Columbus Day is a bit perplexing in that it’s not widely celebrated, the vast majority of people aren’t even given the day off, Columbus didn’t actually “discover” America (it had […]

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This Charlotte Hornets comeback commercial is heavy on nostalgia

After a long, strange odyssey, the Charlotte Hornets have finally returned.  It took a move to New Orleans, an expansion franchise, and not one but two nickname changes to make it happen.  But finally, after many years, an NBA team named the Charlotte Hornets will be playing in the Association once again. Check out this […]

Dick Vitale stars in Disney commercial Is there a more positive man on the planet than Dick Vitale?  Even to his most ardent critics, Vitale is a never ending fountain of exuberance and enthusiasm.  So who else better within the Disney/ESPN corporate umbrella to sell Disney parks than Dickie V?  He loves these Disney parks even more than he loves […]