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Columbus Day Classic: The Mattress Depot sale

I have to admit, unearthing this Columbus Day Classic on YouTube was inspired by John Oliver’s recent video asking “Why is Columbus Day still a thing?”  Columbus Day is a bit perplexing in that it’s not widely celebrated, the vast majority of people aren’t even given the day off, Columbus didn’t actually “discover” America (it had already been in existence for quite a while you see), and it’s main purpose these days seems to be people asking why we still have a Columbus Day holiday.

Correction on that last point: the main purpose of Columbus Day is for people to dress up in absurd costumes and make 1492 jokes for local ads.  Mattress Depot in Mobile, come on down!

The costume gets an A+, but the accent… is that what Italian explorers really sound like?

It’s just a wonder to me how Columbus Day has not become as big in this country as Black Friday.  Just look at those deals!  A free box spring?!?!  How could any warm-blooded person pass that up?

Any man willing to make that kind of sacrifice and wear that costume for his business is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that America is really all about.

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