Burger King is trying to “Satisfry” everybody

Burger King is introducing new, healthier fries. They really hope you like them. In fact, they hope to "Satisfry" everybody with their newest creation. Yes, Burger King is putting whatever hope they have left in the tagline Satisfry. Will the chain's latest campaign turn business around? 


Honestly, there's not much to say about this ad. Burger King has been stumbling and desperately trying to find answers for years. Aside from marketing campaigns which are both hokey and in some cases disturbing (remember the King?), the company itself deployed a menu which is constantly changing. As other companies have evolved and expanded (Wendy's for instance), Burger King tossed out options people loved and evolved in new directions no one was asking for. In some cases they brought back items most of us never knew even left the menu

At least BK is grasping for something a bit more relevant here. Their new fries are a bit healthier compared to McDonald's fries. BK can proudly promote fries with 30% fewer calories and 40% less fat. For once the product at Burger King isn't what needs a dramatic facelift.

Unfortunately, the marketing efforts continue to fall flat. While we're thrilled there's no King involved, we have to wonder why BK continues to falter in the world of advertising. We've seen them try several ideas, but few have ever left a positive taste in our mouth. This ad may be a drastic improvement, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. The product is one you can actually sell and rally behind, but the tagline is the same old tired shtick that placed Burger King in such an awful position in the first place. 

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