Alleged jewelry ad from India says you can’t pick your husband, but you can pick your jewelry

This is going to get the Internet buzzing. A post on Reddit details that the photo above is a jewelry ad from India. Next to the picture of the charming couple is some copy which awkwardly reiterates the lack of women’s rights in other countries as well as the topic of arranged marriages.

If you can’t make it out, here’s what it says:

“I did not choose my husband, but I can choose my jewelry.”

Holy cow. Where do we even start?

As with most posts on Reddit, there isn’t any context here to work with. We don’t know where exactly this ad appeared or if this is even a legitimate creation. It may be entirely phony. There isn’t a company displayed in the ad nor does a quick Google search reveal any answers.

This isn’t the place or the medium to stand on a soap box and preach equality for all genders and races, but it is the time to scrutinize one crappy advertisement.

Let’s stop and pretend that this is the norm in your country. Is it really a convincing or a strong marketing slogan to run with on what appears to be the side of a truck? As with any ad, does this make you like the brand more or less? We’re guessing for women the answer would be less as it’s a reminder of the few choices some of these women will actually have. In reality, they probably won’t even be able to pick out their own jewelry as we imagine a certain husband who carries more authority might have something to say about it.

The ad is shocking to those of us more familiar with other traditions and lifestyles, but even if we were more accustomed to arranged marriages and the like, we doubt this is going to make anyone flock to this particular jewelry brand.

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