Adidas: Good things come to those who take

Adidas has fallen by the wayside in the world of sports. They are not the main clothing or shoe provider for the MLB, NFL, NHL. They do have a few top world athletes who are signed with them. Among them are Andrew Wiggins, John Wall, Joakim Noah, Derik Rose, Dwight Howard, Lionel Messi, the Real Madrid squad. They all find their way into this high paced commercial with a few cool GoPro angles.

The commercial is fun and fast, maybe too fast. Each second, the shot changes and leaves the viewers to catch our collective breath at the end. The main message of the ad is “good things come to those who take” and Adidas can help you with that. The commercial features steals and blocks and other aggressive sports actions but each image flies by too fast for the slogan to be supported. The best aspects of this spot come from the GoPro type video angles captured from extremely close to the action. There is one shot from the top of a tennis racket, and two from the basketball in a players hands. Those creative shots improved the entertainment value of the ad but not enough to make it more effective than your average Nike or sports drink ad. The recipe exists and they stuck to it; fast paced, loaded with sports, brand placed at the end.

Ad Grade: B-


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