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Burger King: When Chicken met Fries

Burger King has returned the famous Chicken Fries. Each year these rebranded chicken tenders are released on a limited basis to create buying interest. This year the ads have been wacky. Burger King has focused on talking chickens finding love with fries and have insinuated Chicken Fries are the love-child. The ad above features a selective male chicken swiping left through the hilariously named Coop-id (tinder for chicken) until he arrives at a photo of fries. He swipes right to express interest and by-golly it’s a match. The bi-lingual chicken unleashes some suave french words of love and then we hit the Chicken Fries reveal.

The bizarre ad is funny. Seeing a bony claw searching for a fling is unusual, but it’s certainly something that the target audience can relate to. The spot also seems to portray the Chicken Fries as a love child of potatoes and chicken as opposed to the reality (slaughtered and fried, gulp). It helps that the voice acting is on point.  The commercial is a success because it disguises thin chicken tenders as something more in a comedic and viral worthy spot.


Burger King has made a few variants with talking chicken including the spot below that is just as funny as the first with the twist of forbidden love.

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