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State Farm taps into SNL history yet again with Coneheads commercial

Saturday Night Live has produced a bevy of films. Some of them were successful such as Wayne’s World, Superstar, & The Blues Brothers, others such as It’s Pat, Stuart Saves His Family and The Ladies Man, not so much. Somewhere in the middle is the film Coneheads. The film is somewhat of a cult classic. The movie based off the much better SNL sketches, was about Aliens with cone shaped heads coming to earth to observe human life. It starred Dan Aykroyd and Jane Cutin.

Why am I talking about a film released over twenty years ago? Well, nostalgia trumps everything as Aykroyd and Curtin have dawned the cone heads yet again, this time playing the characters in a commercial for State Farm.

Personally, I’m not one of the people who would be pining to see this characters again, but don’t tell that to Patty Morris, director of marketing brand content at State Farm as she thinks people want this nostalgia saying the “use of these nostalgic characters really allows us to reach a bigger and broader audience.” Really? Did people really love Coneheads that much? It did alright in the box office, that’s a grandiose statement. Here’s a behind the scene look at the commercial.

State Farm has a deal with Lorne Michael’s production company Broadway Videos to make SNL commercials, as this isn’t the first SNL sketch turned into a commercial - Let’s not forget the slightly irritating Hans and Franz State Farm commercials or the slightly better Chicago Super Fans commercial featuring Aaron Rodgers. I fully expect to see Night at the Roxbury commercial at this rate.

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