The most confusing cross-promotion ever: NBA, Black Eyed Peas and Pitch Perfect 2

First of all, I had no idea the Black Eyed Peas are still a group and that’s news in itself. Now, combining their new song with the NBA Playoffs and Pitch Perfect 2 is a whole ‘nother dimension of awful advertising. I don’t have numbers and graphs but isn’t that the worst conceivable combination of groups to sell each other’s projects? If I was making a hypothetical ad and the object was to create the worst cross-promotion music video. I might have said these three.

It’s pretty fun to come up with terrible combinations now that I think about it.

Mine: Carly Ray Jepson, NHL, and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

This is not awesome and I know it.

The song “Awesome” is terrible. Having Kyle Lowry and other NBA stars dance and sing awkwardly to it does nothing to improve it. Then, out of nowhere come the Pitch Perfect 2 girls who you’ll start to see everywhere until that comes out. I’m not sure why they’re cross-promoting with the NBA Playoffs because how many people who are watching ESPN are going to see the acapella movie? I thought the point of cross-promotion was to associate it with something else that fits in the same selling point as the original product. Like video game players and Taco Bell eaters for example.

Now that’s cross promotion.

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