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This Charter Communications rap is so bad you need to hear it

Charter Communications isn’t the most popular of service providers and you can see why. They’ve summed up each of the three aspects of the Triple Play; phone, internet, and TV into a terribly awkward music video.

I’m pretty sure the triple play is Comcast’s thing in the first place so I’m surprised it’s not copyright infringement. At the very least this ad gets the message across to the viewer in a clunky and semi-annoying fashion; if you sign up for all three services, they each cost $29.99 a month. The spot supports that claim by singing Charter’s phone number ending in “2-9-9-9″ in a voice that reminds me of the birthday music at a Chinese restaurant.

I find this commercial funny in all of the spot’s failures because the actors are just so excited about Charter Communications’ services. The red-head 14 seconds in goes all out with her dance moves and I can’t help but laugh. So no, it’s not a good commercial but I can appreciate all of its awfulness.


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