What’s the point of Matt Leinart’s cameo in this Pizza Hut ad?

Pizza Hut’s has called in an odd choice of ‘celebrities’ for a Christmas ad for the new Triple Treat Box.

The 31-second spot starts with former Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart playing football outside while a Pizza Hut delivery boy drops off the Triple Treat Box.  There’s no indication why Leinart is there, or who he’s playing with - he’s just randomly playing football in the yard.

One of Leinart's many important scenes

One of Leinart’s many important scenes

Anyway, the spot continues with a family opening their pizza box, amazed that a single box can carry multiple orders inside it. Suddenly, a reindeer appears out of nowhere. A kid asks if they can keep it, before the family quickly turns their attention back to the pizza box. Another surprise happens as singer Michael Bolton appears from a pantry, to the delight of the mom, with backup singers in tow, decked out in Christmas gear singing Jingle All The Way.

The spot ends with a spectacle, as dancers take over the kitchen and Bolton continues to belt the Christmas classic, with the dad getting rid of mistletoe between Bolton and his wife. Leinart knocks on the family’s door and asking, “What time is the game on?” to which the dad rebuffs with “Sorry Bolton’s over.”

I don’t think the ad is spectacular, or unique, but, what makes it memorable is Leinart’s lack of a presence.

The spot is only around 30 seconds, so he was never going to get a ton of screentime, but Leinart’s one line is generic, unfunny and completely pointless. It’s all funny considering he’s named dropped in the YouTube video on Pizza Hut’s channel. He’s pretty much an extra. It’s straight up bizarre. At least Bolton does something of note. Why even feature Leinart at all? Seems like I’m not the only one wondering that.

Bravo, Pizza Hut.

Liam McGuire

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