Jared tries to sell jewelry with an awful marriage proposal

It's the holiday season, and you know what that means: jewelry commercials being smashed into your brain until you buy your lady an expensive piece of finger/wrist/neck candy. But this commercial from Jared didn't really focus on the jewelry as the highlight of this commercial, but instead, focused on the actual marriage proposal in which their jewelry would be used. Of course, that marriage proposal didn't take place in a highly planned, romantic scenario, but instead on a crowded airplane.

Instead of being surrounded by loved ones or curious onlookers, the couple in this commercial was surrounded by a bunch of people who just want to sleep, get lost in their work, or otherwise do something to not socialize with the other people on the plane. There might not be a less romantic scenario for a marriage proposal than in coach at 30,000 feet, but of course, that's where Jared decided to go for this commercial.

When watching with my girlfriend, instead of getting emotional at the gorgeous jewelry and romantic situation, she instead looked at me and said 'don't ever propose on a plane". Essentially, the focus of the commercial shifts from "awww that's so pretty and special!" to "oh my god, that is a nightmare scenario". That's not a very good way to sell your product, now is it?

Joe Lucia

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