Jean-Claude Van Damme’s awesome stunt for Volvo

Jean-Claude Van Damme's stunt to show off Volvo's dynamic steering is phenomenal. Van Damme performs the splits, his trademark move, between two moving Volvo trucks. The trucks slowly part and Van Damme is left doing the splits between them as they move backwards down the street while Enya's "Only Time" plays. 


Great stuff from Van Damme even at age 53. We recently saw him in a silly spot for Go Daddy where he does the splits and flirts with the camera, but this stunt is an entirely different level of awesome. As if the stunt wasn't impressive enough as is, it only took one take at a closed-off landing field in Spain at sunrise. 

Will this sell Volvos? Probably not, but it's one hell of a commercial which will undoubtedly go viral. It's also great seeing JCVD popping up in various forms of media after all these years. 

(H/T Mashable)

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