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Skittles Cloud ads prove they aren’t even trying

It must be a pretty cushy job being in charge of marketing and advertising for Skittles. Why? Because you could put just about any ridiculous thing you can think of on TV and seemingly no one objects.

Skittles has been using some weird commercials for quite some time. From Skittles acne to Skittles teeth, the company has been using the formula that anything and everything works, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Take their latest - Skittles Cloud

Amazingly, this is a series.

It’s like the cloud is a dog, get it? And it’s name is Freddy! Oh the originality, let’s go buy some Skittles.

The brand used to receive plenty of buzz over their bizarre ads because they were so far out there. Now they still receive buzz (such as from this article), but it’s more because of weird ad fatigue than anything else. At some point you have to question what the hell Skittles is doing and whether or not it actually works. Are these weird, nonsensical, non-funny ads driving sales? Doubtful.

It’s time for something different, Skittles. We’re so used to your shtick by now that your latest campaigns are both tiresome, annoying and insulting to our intelligence. Simply, they just aren’t that good. Maybe if there was an ounce of creativity or an ounce of humor we may look at these ads a little differently, but the whole thing is just blatantly lazy.

The Skittles formula has grown more predictable than the Old Spice formula, and that’s really saying something.

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