DirecTV ditches Rob Lowe in favor of a talking horse and Hannah Davis

A while back, we praised DirecTV for their Rob Lowe commercials. They were refreshing and comical takes on the tired topic of television. When the first couple ads debuted, we wanted to see Lowe in more and more ridiculous parodies of himself. That’s exactly what DirecTV delivered, but over time - like any idea - the concept grew stale and the company is now moving forward with Hannah Davis and a talking horse.

That’s right - a talking horse.

Well, not every campaign can be a winner.

It’s also worth noting that not everyone was happy with DirecTV’s Rob Lowe commercials. Comcast complained that DirecTV’s spots made claims that they couldn’t back up, such as the “best picture quality and sound” claim used in every Lowe spot. DirecTV claims their decision to ditch Lowe was planned and had nothing to do with Comcast’s complaints, but they probably were going to have a hard time back those claims if pressured to do so.

It was a good run, Rob Lowe, but now DirecTV is off and running with a talking horse.

David Rogers

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