Das neue GLE Coupé  in Jurassic World // The all new GLE Coupé i

Mercedes-Benz really wants you to know it’s in Jurrasic World

Mercedes-Benz must have a serious sponsorship deal with the upcoming Jurrasic Park installment Jurassic World because they’re about to be featured heavily in it. They’ve released a series of promotional photos and videos, which really try hard to connect the car to the Jurassic universe.

Producer Frank Marshall really give it his all to tie in the new Mercedes GLE 450 AMG Coupé saying “it reflects the same things as the characters. They’re sophisticated, sexy, smart. It really fits in perfectly to the movie.” Reminder, this is a movie about dinosaurs. Stars of the film, Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt are both featured in the ad, with Howard talking about how it was ‘amazing’ how they let them use the cars in the shoot. It all comes off really forced.

This seems like a setup to prepare the audience for blatant Mercedes product placement throughout the entire film. Every single vehicle in the film is a Mercedes, so it’s going to be shoved down our throats. This video makes it seem like it’s a privilege, or it’s something the audience cares about, when in reality nobody goes to see a movie, especially a Jurassic Park movie, hoping to see upper class cars.

They’ve released an ad, which ties in ‘the summer’s hottest blockbuster’ with ‘the summer’s hottest ride.

I have some questions. Have the Mercedes people ever seen the Jurassic Park movies? Do they not know that some of dinosaurs destroy everything they can, hence the entire point of the movie? How many Mercedes vehicles will be destroyed in this film? How many people will associate destruction with Mercedes?

I’m personally extremely excited for this movie. I hope it’s not just a two hour long commercial for Mercedes featuring dinosaurs. I may cheer when those cars get destroyed.

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