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That song from the HBO Now ad is in your head

This is the first of many posts focused on the music of an ad. Some ads have songs that get stuck in my head because they’re so catchy. It helps that many ads use mostly chorus and cut up the song to fit the ad’s timing best. This HBO NOW commercial showcases everything you can get by purchasing the streaming service including everyone’s favorites John Oliver and Game of Thrones. Despite that, the star of the commercial is the music.

The song is Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King. It’s absolutely stuck in my head much like many great commercial songs. Take a listen to see if you like the entire song and if you want to buy it click on this link or just listen to it on Spotify for free.

SUPER FUN FACT: Elle King is the daughter of Rob Schneider from SNL and every Adam Sandler movie! She ended up using her middle name and her (divorced from Schneider) mom’s last name to create her Elle King stage name.

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