NBA Christmas Day ad features Jingle Hoops

I know, it's the middle of November and it's way too early to be talking about Christmas.  It's not even Thanksgiving yet!  But hey, I've already endured my first snowfall of the winter and the local oldies station has been playing Christmas music since Labor Day, so we better just accept it and move on. […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s awesome stunt for Volvo

Jean-Claude Van Damme's stunt to show off Volvo's dynamic steering is phenomenal. Van Damme performs the splits, his trademark move, between two moving Volvo trucks. The trucks slowly part and Van Damme is left doing the splits between them as they move backwards down the street while Enya's "Only Time" plays.  Wow. Great stuff […]

Kellogg’s UK appears to hold hungry kids hostage

Kellogg's UK probably had some pretty genuine intentions when they created a social media campaign which would donate food to a needy child each time their post was Retweeted. Unfortunately, the idea which might have seemed positive on paper came off as greedy and insensitive.  The company pledged to donate one meal for every Retweet […]

Meet the North Carolina Education Lottery gift horse

Pretend you're the North Carolina Education Lottery. How would you promote yourself around the holidays? There's a slim chance you said a mythical creature which helps you decide which gifts you should buy for your family, but odds are good that you have a functioning brain and you came up with a strategy which actually […]

Meet the Snack Pack Pudding truck

Snack Pack pudding was directly linked to your popularity growing up. If you had Snack Pack at lunch, people wanted to be your friend. If someone forgot to pack it in your lunch, anger ensued. Has that changed? Do kids still love Snack Pack?  That was the question asked in this Snack Pack commercial where […]

A DieHard battery will help you escape a zombie attack

When the zombie apocalypse arrives, you better hope your car has a battery you can count on when things get messy. That's the message from this DieHard battery commercial which cashes in on the current zombie phenomenon.  Here we see two survivors, one man and one woman, desperately trying to escape swarming zombies. The man more […]

This Red Bull Vampire commercial is …. Maybe because it's Halloween Red Bull thought they could get away with this nonsense, but not since the Herbal Essences orgasm in the airplane bathroom have I seen a commercial so pointless. And that's saying something. Exactly how is this promoting Red Bull? "Red Bull gives you wings but I didn't drink it, so […]

Toys”R”Us turns a boring field trip into a day filled with toys

Toys"R"Us tricked a large group of children into thinking they were going on a field trip to learn about trees. Almost as soon as the kids were loaded on the bus, the yawns started rolling in. But wait! These kids weren't really going to learn about trees. Instead, they were going to Toys"R"Us to spend […]

NBA players leave the court to make deliveries

Rudy Gay, DeAndre Jordan and Amar'e Stoudemire abandoned the court and became delivery men for an ad promoting the NBA's new online source for game tickets. Wearing their full NBA uniform, the players faced adversity as they attempted to deliver tickets to basketball fans. Broken elevators, bad weather and some bad driving couldn't prevent tickets […]

Chevy wisely cancels “Silverado Strong” World Series promotion

Chevrolet wisely canceled a "Silverado Strong" promotion they had planned for Busch Stadium during Game 5 of the World Series. Chevy planned for Ozzie Smith to make a few comments about Chevy before the third inning and fans would hold up placards spelling out "Silverado Strong."  However, negative feedback through social media led to Chevy […]

BookingHauntedHotel has a spooky ad just in time for Halloween has a pretty interesting ad just in time for Halloween. In an effort to promote the fact you can stay in over 350,000 different locations, including some which may or may not be haunted, the site shows what it might be like to stay in a spooky location. It's kind of disturbing, kind of […]


Sony PlayStation takes us on a journey from 1995 to present

The launch of the PS4 is just weeks away and with it we close the door on another generation of Sony technology. As a way of looking back at the PlayStation, PS2 and PS3, Sony created a brilliant British ad which details the life of a boy and his friends from when they have a […]

Bryan Cranston narrates Apple’s iPad Air commercial

What is Bryan Cranston up to now that his days as Heisenberg are over? He's narrating commercials for Apple and their new iPad Air, of course. In the company's first spot for the iPad Air, Cranston speaks over a commercial which depicts a pencil in a variety of locations. We're led to believe Cranston is […]

Coca-Cola creates a park in a commercial that’s too good to be true

Coca-Cola rolled out a park in a dismal, gray landscape in their most recent advertisement. They brought in grass, trees and a vending machine which only dispensed their product once you removed your shoes. The idea was that everyone needs to take a break, feel the grass between their toes and enjoy a Coke.  Cool […]

RV Outlet Mall wants you to pitch a tent

"It's time to pitch a tent!"  Run and hide children, grandpa is about to pitch a tent. This extremely creepy commercial from RV Outlet Mall in Georgetown, Texas is sending an awfully bizarre message. Two girls are camping with their father / grandpa. Innocent enough, right? The fun ends when grandpa and the narrator discuss […]