Mamming: Encourage women to get mammograms by laying your boobs on stuff

Move over planking, Tebowing and Dufnering. Mamming is the new craze sweeping the world. At least, it is according to this really clever spot to promote women having regular mammograms. The spot urges you to spread mammogram awareness by having women (men too!) lay their boobs on stuff in the traditional mammogram pose and send […]


Get ready: Call of Duty season is coming

It's that time of the year again. The latest Call of Duty title is set to drop in November on both current and next generation consoles and the video game world is buzzing. As always, the newest edition in the enormously successful series comes with plenty of hype and huge expectations. One expectation is that […]


Would you trust OMG Tax with your finances?

OMG Tax is a real company that you're supposed to trust with your tax problems and general finances. Would you let a company with Internet / teen girl lingo in its title handle some of your biggest financial issues? Probably not, which is why they've created this ridiculous baseball commercial loaded with clichés. Well, we […]


Telekinetic coffee shop prank is a promotion for Carrie

Pulling a prank on unsuspecting individuals is all of the rage in the world of advertising. "Prankvertising" as it's affectionately called, sets up an average person in an extraordinary event. The experience is taped, uploaded and a viral hit is born.  This video of people being duped into thinking a woman covered in coffee is […]

Katherine Webb’s Carl’s Jr. commercial is just wrong When Cindy Crawford did it to a bottle of Pepsi, I got it. Katherine Webb doing it to a Carl Jr.'s buffalo burger? Please. Is this what it has come to for her? She can only be featured in football themed commercials where she winds up half naked trying to convince us she would […]


Samsung compares the Galaxy Gear to famous watches in pop culture

Samsung wants to introduce you to the Galaxy Gear. What's the Galaxy Gear you might ask? It's a device which looks like a normal watch but instead it has a touchscreen, apps and the ability to send and receive phone calls and text messages. If you think that sounds like something out of the future […]


Ron Burgundy promotes the 2014 Dodge Durango

The upcoming release of Anchorman 2 this Christmas means one thing: Product tie-ins are coming! Here we see Ron Burgundy explaining just how powerful the new 2014 Dodge Durango is compared to a horse. The new Durango has 360 horsepower, thus making it 360 times better than your average horse.  The ad mostly features Burgundy […]


Subway needs to stop using hashtags

A commercial where a guy uses hashtags to describe his sandwich at Subway. What a terrifically horrible concept. For some reason Subway chose to advertise their Tuscan Chicken Melt by having a guy ramble on about all of his very clever hashtags while his friend eats his sandwich. This is supposed to make you want to eat […]


Geico’s camel loves movie day

Geico's camel loves more than just Wednesdays. In a new ad which will air in cinemas before feature presentations, Geico's camel struts around announcing his love for movie day. He also helps himself to some popcorn, runs into one of his coworkers (Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike) and reminds those attending to silence their cell […]


Cheerios ad is trying a bit too hard to be emotional

Cheerios wants to make you feel emotional about cereal. Specifically, their cereal. In an ad called "Nana" which is apparently based on real life events, Cheerios tells a tale of a family's emotional connection between the cereal brand and a deceased relative. Are you buying into this emotional ad or do you think Cheerios is […]


Pass or fail: Advertisements inside your cup at sporting events

The next time you take a drink at a sporting event you might be met with a message from an advertiser. As seen in a post on Reddit, stadium cups at the University of Alabama featured a sneaky ad inside the cup which would only be seen as you consume your beverage.  What do you […]


Burger King is trying to “Satisfry” everybody

Burger King is introducing new, healthier fries. They really hope you like them. In fact, they hope to "Satisfry" everybody with their newest creation. Yes, Burger King is putting whatever hope they have left in the tagline Satisfry. Will the chain's latest campaign turn business around? Honestly, there's not much to say about this […]


Jordy Nelson’s Wizard of Oz ad for the state of Wisconsin

Jordy Nelson is in a rather interesting ad promoting tourism to the state of Wisconsin. In a parody of the Wizard of Oz, Nelson is knocked unconscious while playing football on his farm in Kansas. He's whisked away to a magical Fall setting in Wisconsin where he encounters a good witch and some tiny Munchkin […]


SportsCenter “DaDaDa” commercial

Almost every sports fan knows the "DaDaDa" sound / jingle associated with SportsCenter and ESPN. The sound is used on a regular basis whenever there's a magnificent or outstanding play in the world of sports.  The latest commercial from ESPN pays homage to the "DaDaDa" by showing prominent athletes singing the jingle either during or […]


Awful Classics: Popsicle commercials from Good Humor were pretty trippy

The '90s were a strange time. Looking back, it's amazing children of the '90s made it out of the decade unscathed considering the psychedelic and downright bizarre commercials which littered the airwaves. Popsicle commercials from Good Humor were no exception. The colors, Duke! The colors! Hey, Baldy! Down boy! Crazy colors and […]