The Capital One Mascot Challenge has some outstanding commercials

The Capital One Mascot Challenge pits mascots against one another in an effort to prove which school has the best fans and best representative. Fans decide on the winner by voting and performing tasks through social media in order to earn points for their favorite mascot.  What does it all mean? Honestly, not much. But […]


Grumpy Cat will pitch Friskies cat food

Nestle Purina has hired an Internet sensation to represent Friskies cat food: Grumpy Cat. The cat with the permanent frown will soon appear in various promotions and "marketing opportunities" for the company.  Grumpy Cat is an online phenomenon with an enormous following on YouTube, Facebook and

The Buttfumble has turned NFL centers into butt wipe spokespersons

It takes something really powerful and unique to cause the flushable toiletries advertising industry to make news.  Alas, this is just the latest miracle from the gift that keeps on giving - the Buttfumble.  The Buttfumble has become one of the most iconic sports bloopers in the history of sports with SportsCenter finally retiring it […]

Wonderful Pistachios mocks Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea What's the secret to world peace? According to Dennis Rodman and Wonderful Pistachios, the answer lies within (you guessed it) pistachios. The new spot features Rodman sitting next to a man who is clearly supposed to be Kim Jong-un. After Rodman comments on world peace, Jong-un blows him up. A rational response.  Interesting. Wonderful Pistachios has […]


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas tries to overwhelm your senses

Loud music. Bright lights. A nauseating strobe effect. This ad for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has it all, if "all" referred to a total barrage of the senses. The hotel is trying to brand itself as a distinctive and unique option in Vegas and they believe a stream of nearly incoherent images and text […]


GE goes Back to the Future

GE wants to show you that the future might be a little closer than you might think. In their latest effort the company called on a familiar voice (Michael J. Fox) and a familiar vehicle (a DeLorean) to show that GE's gas turbines can help predict and power whatever the world needs. According to GE, […]


Rafael Nadal is a hit with the ladies at ESPN

Rafael Nadal is a big hit with the ladies around ESPN. Is it his looks? His accent? His glowing tan? It turns out it's none of the above, according to the latest This is SportsCenter commercial. The real answer is much sweeter. Awesome. Some viewers were left feeling a little empty after viewing the Calvin […]


Clint Dempsey wants you to celebrate your FIFA 14 goals

Clint Dempsey wants you to celebrate the goals you score in FIFA 14 in style. In an ad for GameStop and FIFA 14, Dempsey criticizes some guy's rather tame celebration after scoring a goal. Dempsey demands better. The whole idea of pre-order bonuses have been widely criticized around the video game world, but at […]


Kmart has started the holiday advertising season

The holiday advertising season has officially started. Before you check your calendar, yes, it's barely the middle of September. Apparently no one told Kmart that. In an effort to promote their free layaway program, Kmart used a large Gingerbread man to warn that the holidays might sneak up on you. Halloween is still off […]

Calvin Johnson transforms in new This is SportsCenter ad Calvin Johnson is pretty difficult to find over at the ESPN offices. Johnson, or Megatron, shows off his ability to transform in a new This is SportsCenter commercial. He quickly shifts into a vending machine in order to avoid an awkward confrontation about a report he hasn't handed in. The concept here is brilliant […]

Ironic: An advertising campaign about blocking advertisements AdBlock is a browser extension that will strip all ads from web sites, according to Ad Age. In a move that has left us chugging Everclear (not really), AdBlock has raised over $50,000 for an ad campaign. An anti-ad software is advertising. I can't…I don't. I can't even form a complete sentence.  Listen, I […]


Jean-Claude Van Damme is in an ad for Go Daddy

It's time to talk about the latest commercial from Go Daddy. Surprisingly, this time we aren't ripping on an extremely distasteful, sexist ad. Instead, we're discussing the rather odd spot which features Jean-Claude Van Damme playing bongos, maracas and a flute all while doing one of his signature poses. The end result was bizarre, but it […]


Hockey’s worst on-ice advertisement

If you're a fan of the NHL, you've probably grown so accustomed to seeing ads on the boards and near center ice that you barely even notice them. Things are a little bit different over in Europe. Ads litter the ice, but with enough time you'd probably learn to block these out as well. Then […]

LG shows off their Ultra HD screen with a clever meteor prank LG wants to show you how realistic their Ultra HD screen is. What better way to do that than by making people think a huge meteor has crashed into their city?  The company set up a phony job interview and installed an enormous 84-inch television where the window would traditionally be in an office. […]

Tom Brady is in a new commercial for UGG Just in time for the new NFL season is a commercial from UGG starring Tom Brady. We'll pause while you make the required jokes. Done? On we go! This UGG spot isn't too bad. In fact, the concept and the execution are extremely well done. Despite the fact we all love to laugh at […]