Racy billboard didn’t last long in downtown Chicago

This more than a little suggestive billboard featuring porn star and Charlie Sheen "goddess" Bree Olson lasted less than a week in downtown Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, the site using the space,, is unaware as to why it has been taken down. They paid for a month. The site is for "women seeking […]

Nutrigrain + vampires = ??? C05EZE27f8Y[/youtube] This Nutrigrain commercial is hilariously bad. Using vampires to sell a fruit bar? I did laugh out loud at the man taking his pet bat for a "walk" on a leash. The point of course is that vampires aren't morning people, but now because of this fruit crunch bar, they are. I hate […]


David Beckham has a butt double in his H&M underwear ad

While the interwebs were abuzz over the latest H&M ad featuring David Beckham showing off his assets, some Debbie Downer took it upon themselves to reveal something shocking. Apparently, according to the Today Show, H&M used a body double for some parts of the video shoot. Then H&M actually confirmed it: "David was very involved […]

Wear H&M underwear, look like David Beckham il21FZu-IUY[/youtube] Following in Calvin Klein's footsteps, H&M is jumping on the "sell underwear by showing unattainable bodies" bandwagon. In a commercial directed by Guy Ritchie, David Beckham is filmed for about a minute and a half doing nothing but running/jumping/swimming in his underwear. Yes, the man has a nice body and I guess it […]


Are Super Bowl ads worth the cost?

Advertisements that aired during Super Bowl 47 cost a mind-boggling average of $4 million per 30 seconds. If you estimate that 100 million people watched the game, that’s about $0.04 an eyeball. Do advertisers consider it money well spent? First of all, I think there was something close to 60 commercials that aired last night. […]

Jell-O’s unique approach to SF’s Super Bowl loss is kind of amazing EcFPyNskRWk[/youtube] Jell-O has launched a micro-site that promotes the brand's latest marketing creation. It's the Jell-O Pudding Drop! To help 49ers fans "mask the bitter taste of defeat with the sweet taste of Jell-O" they are offering free pudding to San Francisco fans on February 5th. The commercial is hysterical - "Who's the winner […]

CHANEL finds success with ambiguous Brad Pitt ads

Remember that utterly creepy and nonsensical CHANEL No. 5 campaign from last fall starring one Brad Pitt? Well, apparently, the fragrances sales have skyrocketed as a result. According to an article in Bloomberg, the bulk of the brand's sales come from fragrances and cosmetics.  The success of the campaign, which we called an acid trip, […]

Geico hits a new low with Maxwell the pig

Geico is known for using animals to promote its product - that is nothing new. The cute little Gecko with a British/Aussie accent can be somewhat endearing. I can think of a couple commercials, at least, that feature him in an interesting way.  But lately…lately they've turned to a pig. I don't get it, like […]

Tropicana sends the wrong message with this commercial uIhGsXCv2js[/youtube] Ahhh New Years - when everyone vows to drop 40 pounds or however much it will take to get back to their high school weight, only to say "screw it" two weeks in because they'd rather lie on their couch when it's 13-degrees outside than go to the gym. Anyway, this Tropicana ad […]

What’s the point of this Volkswagen Passat commercial? FjTQV6CjAPE[/youtube] Normally, car commercials feature a professional driver on a closed course showing off what the car can do. Occasionally, we get the commercial playing on emotions - I can't remember which car company did this, but it chronicled the reliability of the car from a guy's first date through bringing home a baby […]

Crest 3D toothpaste - You can’t brush away crazy E-anmVGZv2c[/youtube] What's the best thing about this Crest 3D toothpaste ad? The comments that appear on the YouTube page. A woman sits down, sees a man and imagines their entire life together in less than 15 seconds. Having a woman imagine her life with a man before she even knows his name? Is their target […]

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter has an ad we just can’t believe MJQ8f-_9-Qs[/youtube] Rember how AWFUL those I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercials were when they featured Fabio in the 90s? I do and I hated them. I think my mom bought the product though because it is healthier than real butter and I honestly cannot taste the difference. So let's be clear - the […]

Pajamagram - The perfect gift for the one you sort of like occasionally zOhVbvHm70[/youtube] I didn't think that there could be anything worse than Snuggies, but someone decided to one-up them. Before we dive into this minute long "buy your girlfriend pajamas and she'll love you forever" nonsense, let's just all agree that one of the items featured in this commercial, the Hoodie-Footie, has certainly trumped the […]

Fathead: The gift that makes you cry OXMnGdPobx8[/youtube] Um, so yeah. A kid walks into his room on his 11th birthday and is so excited by whatever he sees that he can't stop saying "oh my god," and essentially starts crying. For that kind of reaction, I'm expecting to see one of three things: His favorite NFL player, ready to play […]