FIAT is trying way too hard to appeal to the Internet

FIAT is the parent who discovers memes and GIFs on the Internet years after they were popular. Said parent then shows you these clips, repeatedly, with the hopes of trying to fit in. The only difference here is that the people behind these FIAT ads are actually getting paid to produce this crap.


Redesigned referee boards at 2014 World Cup look like giant watches

If you’ve been watching the 2014 World Cup, you may have noticed that the fourth official’s board has a new look. Hublot, a Swiss luxury watch company and the Official Timekeeper of the World Cup, redesigned the boards to look like a watch instead of the traditional black, rectangle design we’ve seen over the last […]


Dockers calls on Jim and Sarah Harbaugh to end Dad Pants

Dad Pants. The term may be an unfamiliar one to you at first, but once you hear the explanation (shapeless pants on your Dad which look like curtains hung from your belt) you’ll know exactly how horrific Dad Pants are to families. Sarah Harbaugh, wife of Jim Harbaugh, teamed up with Dockers to put an […]


Anti-Redskins ad will air during Game 3 of the NBA Finals

NFL fans may want to take note of one ad which will air during Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation of California purchased a 60-second commercial which will urge viewers to visit, a site designed to encourage the Washington Redskins to change their mascot to something less offensive. The ad […]

Aaron Paul stars in an Xbox One commercial

Aaron Paul has been a busy guy since filming Breaking Bad, but he still has time for games. Specifically, he has time for his Xbox One. It’s a fairly direct commercial highlighting what the system can do, but it’s nice to hear Paul say his infamous “Yo” one more time.


Domino’s Brazil shows off invention for steady pizza delivery

Pizza delivery has been transformed in the age of social media and online reviews. Every single error, bad delivery or ruined pizza is posted all over Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and a variety of other online locations. Domino’s, a company which has even used television commercials to apologize for sloppy deliveries, has created a device to […]


GEICO uses Pig Latin in a Maxwell commercial

It finally happened. GEICO used Pig Latin in a Maxwell the Pig commercial. The connection, one which was pretty inevitable, comes in an ad where Maxwell is eating at a diner and is forced to deal with two adoring fans.

The Dairy Queen S’more Song

Why does every company believe they have to write a song about their product? Dairy Queen is the latest guilty party, releasing a song about their S’mores Blizzard. It’s not in the same category of awful as the Red Couch Song from McDonald’s, but it’s still bad enough to discuss.

FirstBank promotes free checking with a freaky dummy

Free checking should be a fairly standard feature in banking. The fact it’s not is ridiculous and therefore you should expect some pretty good commercials from those offering free checking ripping on the companies which don’t. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and apparently the best idea FirstBank had involved one creepy dummy.